Body Treatments

Body Treatments

There are different types of Body Treatments. Different treatments and products are used to treat neglected skin that is dry, unhealthy and dull looking, which can lead to premature wrinkles, trappped bacteria and spots. Specialized cleansing, scrubbing, exfoliation, and moisturizing are used to create healthy glowing skin. It also helps to improve circulation and relaxation.

Vichy Shower...30 min $95

With this treatment you lay on a towel covered bed while 6 shower heads "rain" down on you. You are cleansed with a brush and then salt is used to exfoliate and infuse 84 minerals and vitamins. We then add an additional scrub that includes a blend of essential oils and an assortment of moisturizing oils aand/or shea butter and cocunut butter.

Add Honey & Gold Drizzle or Luxe Hydrating Silk: $30

Hair & Scalp Treatment: $30

Body Wrap...60 min $140

The body wrap is a pleasant treatment which involves applying a mask all over the body, and then cocooning you from the shoulders to the ankles and/or feet with an insulating blanket designed to raise the body's temperature. The heat is to help open the pores and boost circulation and aid in the absorption of the mask's active ingredients into the skin.

Japanese Head Spa...30 min $95 ~ 60 min...$140

Using special tools and products with gentle massage to target scalp issues, the Japanese Head Spa Treatment increases blood flow and circulation which promotes hair growth. This treatment involves deep conditioning and aroma therapy, and helps reduce muscle stiffness while providing whole body relaxation.