Dianna Evans

Hello. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read and learn about me and my services. I believe that listening and educating brings the best results for you. I also would like you to know that I put my heart and soul into giving you the best that I have to offer.

Being a waitress and working next to a skin care salon I became very close with the owner and all the other girls. For 12 years I was given the opportunity to serve as their "model" for all their training purposes, and trying out new products. And in that time I was blessed to have all that extra knowledge shared with me and I fell in Love. Especially since I had bad skin at a very early age and understand the struggles that go with it.

So I went to school, got my liscense, went to work for a skin care salon and realized that I wanted to offer more and not be restricted by their choice in services and products. This lead me to working for myself. I have continued to take classes and to learn and expand my knowledge and skills.

Phone Number: (805) 551-4110

Services and pricing


  • Custom Facial: $105
  • Deluxe Facial: 90 min. $175
  • Ultimate Facial: 120 min. $240
  • Teen/Acne Facial: $95
  • 24K Gold FAcial: 60 min. $150
  • CBD FAcial: 60 min. $150
  • Microdermabrasion: $160
  • Microcurrent: $160
  • Oxygen Infusion Facial: $160
  • Rezenerate Facial: $160
  • Oxygeneo Resurface and Rejuvination Facial: $175
  • Collagen Rejuvination Therapy: $240
  • OPTI-360 Resurface: $240
  • Cabernet Wine Peel: $240
  • LED light treatemnt add-on: $25
  • Hand or Foot Treatment add-on: $25
  • Neck and Decollete` add-on: $25-50


  • Brows-$25
  • Lip-$15
  • Chin-$15
  • Nose/Ears-$15
  • Jawline/Cheeks/Throat-$25
  • Full face-$60
  • Underarms-$25
  • 1/2 arm-$40
  • Full arm-$60
  • 1/2 leg-$50
  • Full leg-$80
  • Back/Chest-$80
  • Bikini (Panty Line Only)-$25
  • Extended Bikini-$45
  • Female Brazilian-$60
  • Make Brazillian-$95
  • Add Butt Cheeks to Brazillian-$25
  • Butt Cheek/Crack Only-$25
  • Brown Enhancement-$15
  • Lash Enhancement-$30

Body Treatments

  • Vichy Body Scrub: $95
  • Body Wraps: $140
  • Add-on:Honey & Gold Drizzle $30
  • Add-on:Luxe Hydrating Silk $30
  • Add-on:Hair & Scalp Treatment $30