Katy DeBra

It is my wish to add air under your wings, spring in your step, color in your life, and to inspire you to be your most courageous and creative self. There is only one You! And it is your time to shine.

Services at Salt & Sage Spa and Wellness focus on creating a calm, centered, healing space to release, arrive at clarity and re-energize for our future. Sessions emphasize affirmation, empowerment and self-care and include information and practices to integrate your results going forward.

Body art in henna, jagua or glitter adorns us and celebrates special events, vacation, pregnancy, or tries out a design for a permanent tattoo. When combined with the Cultivate Harmony Sessions, they anchor in the intentions and provide a beautiful reminder for the next week or so.

My purpose is to create uplifting energy through many artistic mediums and fields. I bring many years of experience to this amazing opportunity that is Now: 20+ as a professional artist, 17 in body art, 15 in Intuitive Readings and 11 years in Reiki. I was certified as an Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Ryoho Reiki Master in 2015, and have a B.A. in Painting and Drawing from Stanford University.

Phone Number: (805) 570-8256

Services and pricing

Cultivate Harmony

Enjoy all three together: Henna, Intuitive Reading and Reiki Energizing

$225 - Please allow 2 - 2.5 hours for your appointment. Includes 1 remote follow up. Session themes may be personalized. Art may be created on paper instead of on the body.

Cultivating Harmony: Create Joy now. Celebrate the Present. Release the past. Stake out a new path into the future.

Support for Sensitives: Cultivating healthy energy boundaries. Emphasis on feeling safe, empowering and managing our gifts, shielding techniques. “I don’t need others or the outside world to change to feel better now.”

I Am a Dreamer: Support for visionaries to stay jazzed, protect their dream space, improve self-care and boundaries.

Embody New Energy with an Intuitive Henna Reading:

    $128. Please allow 1 - 1.5 hours for your appointment. Choice of henna (deep reddish brown stain), jagua (deep indigo blue stain) or glitter body art (pure cosmetic grade glitter).

    An Intuitive Reading that expresses as a physical henna design on you! As with any reading, we don’t know what will come through ahead of time - that is, the design cannot be determined in advance as in a regular henna.

    ***Having an intention for the reading is very important with this process. Focus on your visions and desired outcomes, and the FEELINGS you wish to experience from this outcome to create your intention.

Individual Service menu for Body Art, Intuitive Readings or Reiki Energizing:

  • 30 minutes: $45
  • 60 Minutes: $89
  • 90 Minutes: $129

ADORN your beautiful self with freestyle henna, jagua or glitter body art

  • $45. for a freestyle (a design I create for you) one full hand & partial forearm design
  • Other designs or sizes,other locations, and copies of designs we will need to be discussed and quoted based on your ideas.

OPTIMIZE your path forward with an Intuitive Reading

  • Feel new possibilities. Naturally includes Reiki sparkles!
  • REMOTE phone sessions include recording: $35 per 15 minutes $125 per hour

ENERGIZE body, heart & soul with Reiki Energy Healing

    REMOTE sessions with intake (by phone, email or text) and written follow up notes for you (by email or text):

    • $195. - 1 hour session & 3 weekly re-energizing sessions
    • $69. - single remote Reiki session
    • $99. - 3 tune-up sessions over 3 - 6 weeks