Kat Corwin

Kathleen Corwin has 5+ years of experience as a CA state certified massage therapist, including 1 year of teaching massage at a massage school in Thousand Oaks, CA. Her specialty is a therapeutic massage aimed at pain and stress relief - deep tissue, trigger point, stretching and use of aromatherapy and cupping techniques.

She is also trained in Swedish massage, geriatric massage, prenatal/pregnancy massage, chakra balance and reiki 1. Schedule a massage with her at Salt and Sage on Thursdays and Saturdays!

Phone Number: (818) 746-7722

Services and pricing


  • Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage.....$85+

Extra time (for feet, chakra balance, reiki)

  • $1 a minute

90 minutes recommended for therapeutic massages, prenatal massage, and for clients who want full-body detailed work in several problem areas.

60 minutes recommended for a more relaxing, Swedish massage, or anyone who doesn’t desire stretching, as much targeted work, or wants only back, feet and neck.