Amber Ginther

Amber has been reading tarot since a young age, her gifts have been passed down through the women in her family. She was born clairsentient, claircognizant, clairaudient, and empathic and has been using these gifts to read professionally for 10 years. Along with the tools of the tarot and crystals she uses her ability to see and feel energies to help her clients in a gentle but straightforward way. While Amber specializes in the topics of love, relationship, and personal growth, she enjoys working with a wide variety of topics. As an energy worker Amber hopes to guide all her clients to a healthier life energetically, spiritually and mentally.

Phone Number: (805) 404-7656

Services and pricing

Tarot Readings

  • $30 .....1-10 Minutes
  • $60 .....11-30 Minutes
  • $120 .....31-60 Minutes

Energy Work

  • Chakra Healing .....$80 Per 30 Minutes
  • Energy Clearing .....$80 Per 30 Minutes
  • *Tarot reading services are a $30 minimum. After 60 minutes a charge of $2 per minute will be added